Knowing who you are dealing with ! You should know that.

If you are to spend months with a Realtor, and if you are going to trust and take into account their professional opinion on sales and offers, you should know a little about them in terms of their competency.

So let me begin by giving you a quick background on my business life.

I worked in the Informations Systems Dept in Air Canada and IBM Canada in various departments from client services to managing to administrator. My salary was far above average and the benefits were very advantageous!
 Why would i have left all this and started in Real Estate?...Simply because I love what i do and the fact that it enables me to meet people from all corners of the world makes it that more satisfying for myself.
Along with my extensive computer and client relations , finding target homes for my clients is done efficiently and quickly! As well using the technology systems for selling properties enables me to access all the information needed to assess and list that property as quickly as needed... T

That's a guarantee that i provide to all my clients !

Below was a great interview showing we were head on for the market  report .

Parvez Coowar